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The primary goal of the project is to educate and inform responsible stewardship of water resources between U.S. and Australian students through an interactive- virtual partnership.

Our vision and motivation is to build an environmental education platform capable of implementing a robust and long-term cyber education program based on state of the art science with a global perspective.

Whether high school students get “hooked” on science is critical to recruiting promising students to the environmental field. This is vastly important, as this generation will face unique environmental challenges of global significance, including the need to at least double water productivity. Generating interest at this level with an engaging project-based international cyber exchange will, we believe, pique the interest of a new generation of science students who are cyber-savvy “digital natives” in a transformational manner.

USAUS-H2O Overview (PDF)


  • Develop independent, “virtual”, web-based teaching modules on sustainable water cycles and underlying environmental science principles
  • Implement teaching modules that students can utilize to assess their own water cycle at the community level, and compare between climates at larger regional and international scales
  • Facilitate US-Australian student environmental knowledge, cultural exchange and learning, and linkages between scientists and schools, through a virtual learning environment
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of high school students in the method of scientific hypotheses, data collection, interpretation and presentation of results through self-directed, group learning in both actual and virtual situations
  • Provide science modules and workshops that enhance the teaching ability of high school teachers

Since 2000, the Global Connections and Exchange (GCE) Program has supported collaboration and online linkages among students, educators, and community youth leaders from U.S. and overseas secondary schools and youth organizations. GCE programs empower youth to use technology to address universal issues and to engage in dialogue with the international community. Participants expand their computer literacy skills, gain a deeper understanding of other countries’ cultures, and learn to better use technology in order to develop their leadership skills and influence change in their communities. Participants at each of the U.S. and overseas sites engage in specialized trainings in digital dialogue and online media sharing, interactive theme-based discussions, and community outreach while collaborating on projects that are relevant to their communities and produce tangible, presentable outcomes. GCE program themes include leadership development, environment, the rule of law and civic education, social entrepreneurship, empowering girls and you.